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Furnace testing in accordance with AMS2750 and CQI-9.
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Heat treatment facilities must provide a high degree of temperature accuracy and temperature uniformity to fulfill the requirements of the aerospace and automotive industries.  EBNER facilities are able to meet or exceed these needs, opening these attractive markets to our customers.

The AMS2750 (aerospace) and CQI-9 (automotive) standards require regular testing of industrial furnaces. The results must be documented in a traceable manner.

Using the Instrument Test (IT) and System Accuracy Test (SAT), the accuracy of temperature measurement systems, e.g. instrumentation and thermocouples, can be assured. The Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS), as the name implies, is used to check the temperature uniformity in the furnace.

Testing procedures, tolerances and test intervals are specified in AMS2750 and CQI-9, and must be observed. The high frequency of these tests (monthly or even weekly) and the extensive documentation of test results that is required lead to high personnel requirements and can restrict production.

SURVEYperfect, the new EBNER software module, is here to help.

Testing needs to be simple, straightforward, rapid and error-free – and these were the requirements handed to our development team. The module they developed unites every one of these characteristics, as the SURVEYperfect module allows tests to be carried out using menu-guided, simple procedures.

The operator is led through the test procedure chronologically, starting with entering test-specific parameters and choosing the testing equipment from an equipment database integrated into the module. The process continues on to the definition of the measuring points, and ends with the generation of the test report.

Facility and test parameters, once entered, are saved for each specific furnace and can be used for subsequent tests. All required documentation such as calibration certificates, the measuring equipment itself, and the test reports can be intuitively managed with a single software module.

Using a tablet, measurements can be made by a technician directly at a furnace. The module allows multiple tests to be carried out in parallel by splitting up the measuring points. Optimized, fast testing sequences shorten the amount of time a facility is unavailable for production.

Of course, procedures that are as error-free as possible require a high degree of automation. Through a direct link to the furnace control system and full integration with the VISUAL FURNACES Process Control System, all required data is available. Calculations, as well as the transfer of values and corrective factors, are performed automatically. This minimizes errors caused by manual entry.

The fact that filling out reports and documenting tests takes at least as much time as the actual measurements is something of which experienced technicians are well aware. This is where the module offers real advantages: a test report, complying with all requirements of the standard, can be generated at the click of a button. In addition, an integrated graphics module allows TUS measurements to be quickly evaluated and displayed.

One tool for every need:

Along with the optimization of testing procedures and their documentation, the module includes additional useful functions such as automatic reminders of testing intervals, testing equipment calibration and – last but not least – the documentation of thermocouple use required by industry standards.

The software module is available for both new and existing facilities. SURVEYperfect provides the best foundation for successfully passing an audit.

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