Process Control System (PCS)

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A next-generation process control system.

Your individually-tailored VISUALFURNACES 6 software upgrade.

EBNER products are constantly being refined and improved. Customer-oriented solutions and perfect technologies are our passion. The modules of VISUALFURNACES 6, with their wide range of performance-enhancing functions, are only one example of this.

The VISUALFURNACES 6 modules, developed in-house by EBNER, provide a individually-expandable process control system matched to a user’s needs.

The special features EBNER has integrated into the VISUALFURNACES 6 suite bring a customer’s facilities up to the highest standards of available technology.


Automatic hydrogen flowrate control

The ATMOSPHEREperfect module automatically regulates the hydrogen flowrate based on the current density of the workload space atmosphere. Long-term testing under production conditions has shown savings of up to 20 % in both electricity and hydrogen.


Quality certification in accordance with AMS2750 & CQI-9

The aerospace and automotive industries require regular testing of the temperature accuracy and temperature uniformity of heat treatment facilities, as established in the AMS2750 and CQI-9 standards. Testing takes the form of instrument tests (IT), system accuracy tests (SAT) and temperature uniformity surveys (TUS). Using the EBNER software module, all tests of your heat treatment facility required by the relevant standards can be carried out quickly, easily and successfully.


Mobile visualization using tablets

The user interface of the Process Control System is available on a mobile device, enabling process supervision of the facility. This module is also used as the programming unit for the PLC.


Optimized stack handling

Stacks are formed according to the technological requirements of each coil, with the goal of achieving the best possible temperature uniformity and the highest possible furnace efficiency.


Facility efficiency analysis

Based on the standardized OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) reference data system, downtimes are systematically recorded, assessed and used for calculating facility efficiency.


Process stability analysis

Using Statistical Process Control (SPC), the behaviors of particular processes are continuously supervised in order ensure early recognition of any deviation from a normal, stable process sequence.


Autonomous temperature calculation

Variable heating, cooling and purge times suitable for the material to be processed are calculated automatically, supervised during operation and corrected if needed.


Maintenance planning

This maintenance module simplifies administration and planning of the maintenance intervals defined in the user manual. Planning can be based on operating hours or elapsed time.


Status reports via text message (SMS) or email

Malfunction alarms are categorized by area of responsibility and can be activated individually for notification. If an activated alarm occurs, it is sent by email or text message.


Expanded material flow optimization tools

This module optimizes material flow. Among other features it can coordinate movement between a cold rolling mill and the bell annealer facility, taking into account both coil storage and relevant equipment.


Worldwide access to production data

The ideal add-on to enable current production data to be viewed from a customer's PC. A tabular overview of workbases with process data, the display of currently-outstanding alarms and access to archived data provide rapid assessment of the status of the facility.


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