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Chinese automotive market continues booming

Another challenge for EBNER. In order that our client can fulfill his orders to deliver BIW blanks for the chines automotive market, a new hot stamping line from EBNER needs to be delivered in a very short period of time.

EBNER will implement this order within an ambitious period of 6.5 months, so that the plant can be put into operation in early fall 2024.

Worldwide, 50 EBNER roller hearth furnaces for press hardening are in operation in 8 countries, 29 of them are in China. They are particularly used for the treatment of ALSi-coated and uncoated blanks in the automotive industry.

These furnaces are unique worldwide due to their flexibility in production and the simple switching from gas to electric heating. Additionally, our global team of experts allows for short delivery times.

Find out more about our roller hearth furnaces for press hardening here.