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LISI AUTOMOTIVE places its trust in EBNER heat treatment facilities.

LISI AUTOMOTIVE FORMER SAS has placed an order with EBNER for the supply of a bell annealer facility for its plant in Grandvillars, France. The new HICON/H2 bell annealer facility will be designed to heat treat steel wire.

EBNER was able to impress LISI AUTOMOTIVE with the advantages of HICON/H2 bell annealer technology, and the excellent quality and low cost of heat treatment were the decisive factors in the decision to place the order. The scope of supply for the bell annealer facility includes two workbases, one heating bell, one cooling bell and all required ancillary equipment. Also include is the VISUALFURNACE 6 process control system developed by EBNER.

LISI AUTOMOTIVE produces drawn wire at its Grandvillars works, with the wire undergoing further processing at other plants to create cold heading parts.

Commissioning of the new facility is scheduled to take place at the end of 2022.

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