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Borcelik orders an expansion of existing EBNER facilities.

Borçelik Çelik Sanayii Ticaret A.Ş., located in Turkey, has placed an order with EBNER for an expansion of their existing HICON/H2 facilities for steel strip.

The new expansion will comprise a total of 14 workbases, 7 heating bells and 7 cooling bells, along with the required electrical equipment and a visualization system. The equipment will be installed in two expansion phases.

The first phase will include 6 workbases, 3 heating bells, 3 cooling bells, a dedicated pressure control system and a dedicated hydraulic power unit. This will mean that the facility can operate on its own, and it will have workbase/bell compatibility with the existing bell annealer facilities.

The second phase will include 8 workbases, 4 heating bells and 4 cooling bells, and will also have its own dedicated pressure control system and hydraulic power unit. One workbase will be designed for anneals at higher temperatures. All remaining workbases will have full workbase/bell compatibility with the new phase 1 equipment.

The new bell annealer facility will allow steel strip coils with a maximum outside diameter of 2000 mm and stack heights up to 4600 mm to be charged. The new bell annealer facility guarantees not only a significant increase in annealing capacity, but also lower consumption of natural resources, high process efficiency and better surface quality.

It is planned to have both expansion phases completed by mid-2023. When commissioning of the new equipment has been completed, Borcelik will operate the greatest number of EBNER HICON/H2 workbases for steel strip in Turkey.

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