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EBNER receives an order for a new HICON/N2 bell annealer facility in South America.

In February of this year, EBNER received an order to supply a HICON/N2 bell annealer facility to spheroidize hot-rolled steel wire in nitrogen atmosphere.

Starting in July, 2022, the facility will be capable of heat treating charges with diameters up to 4 meters, stack heights of 4.9 meters and total weights up to 46 tons at temperatures of up to 765 °C.

The scope of supply also includes a pressure control system for nitrogen and fuel gas, a hydraulic power unit for the inner cover clamping system and a complete electrical control system, which includes the VISUAL FURNACES 6 process control system developed by EBNER. To optimize nitrogen consumption, the facility is equipped with a CO2 analyzer to automatically control purge flowrates.

The customer is building a new workshop, including all required infrastructure, to house this HICON/N2 facility.

A significant factor in placement of the order was the quality of the samples annealed in our R&D Department before the contract was awarded.