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23-03-2021 | Zhejiang Bohui Auto Component Co., Ltd.

A new order for a gas-fired press hardening furnace, to be used for the heat treatment of hot forming steel blanks, is placed by China's Zhejiang Bohui Auto Component Co., Ltd.

Bohui Group is a well-known private company, specializing in hot forming parts for lightweight BIW in the Chinese automotive industry. Its main customer is Volkswagen, which is increasing its production capacity. Bohui is as well: in November, 2020, Bohui entrusted EBNER with an order for a hot forming roller-hearth furnace. This furnace will be installed in Bohui’s plant in Jiashan, Zhejiang province.

The hot forming roller hearth furnace will be used to heat treat BIW parts for the automotive industry. The furnace, type ROs 250/10/3820 St-PH, can be used to heat treat AlSi-coated blanks.

The new furnace is planned to start production in August, 2021.

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