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02-02-2021 | Marcegaglia Ravenna S.P.A /Italy

Italy’s Marcegaglia Ravenna S.P.A orders a HICON/H2 bell annealer facility to heat treat steel strip

At the end of 2020, Marcegaglia Ravenna / Italy placed an order with EBNER Industrieofenbau to expand their existing HICON/H2 bell annealer facility, with which they heat treat coils of steel strip.

With the order for new bell annealer equipment, which includes 4 workbases and 4 heating bells, Marcegaglia Ravenna will be operating a HICON/H2 bell annealer facility with a total of 56 workbases, 32 heating bells and 28 cooling bells. The capacity to anneal about 750 000 tons of material per year will be available.

The bell annealer has a max. clear inside diameter of 2200, a clear inside height of 5200 mm and can accept charges up to a max. weight of 130 t. It will be used for recrystallization anneals of strip coils intended for automotive industry applications. 

The new facility is scheduled to start production in the first quarter of 2022.