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17-06-2020 | Kaiming (Changzhou) New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

A new EBNER HICON/H2 bell annealer for steel wire in China.

At the end of May, an order was placed with EBNER Industrieofenbau by Kaiming (Changzhou) New Material Technology Co., Ltd.  for the delivery of a HICON/H2 bell annealer facility for steel wire.

The facility, which will be installed turn-key, will be comprised of 3 HICON/H2 workbases, 2 heating bells and one cooling bell. All required supplementary equipment is also included in the order, such as hydraulic and pressure control systems, an electrical control center and a VF6 process control system.

The design of the facility enables the customer to heat treat hot-rolled scaled steel wire in nitrogen atmosphere, as well as drawn or hot-rolled pickled steel wire in hydrogen atmosphere.

The volumes of hydrogen or nitrogen used during purging can be precisely set to the cubic meters needed, allowing them to be optimally adjusted to the material being annealed.

Hot-rolled, scaled and drawn types of steel wire will be heat treated in this EBNER HICON/H2 facility starting in August, 2021.