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15-06-2020 | Dongkuk Industries Co., Ltd.

The first HICON/H2Q hardening and tempering line for East Asia.

Based in Pohang, Dongkuk Industries Co., Ltd. Is the largest manufacturer of cold-rolled medium and high carbon steel strip in South Korea.

To increase added value, the company decided to invest in state-of-the-art technology; an EBNER HICON/H2Q hardening and tempering line which will be the first facility of its kind in East Asia.

The unrivaled quenching technology using hydrogen, improved product quality and high facility efficiency were key factors in the decision for HICON/H2Q.

In February, an order was placed with EBNER for the heat treatment section of the new hardening and tempering line. The customer will order the strip handling gear from a local supplier.

The scope of supply includes an austenitizing furnace, the HICON/H2Q hydrogen quenching system, a FlexFlat martensite cooler with SmartFlat automatic flatness supervision system, a leveling furnace and an atmosphere jet cooler. A combined bainite / pearlite transformation zone will also be supplied, allowing the facility to be configured to produce these materials.

Medium and high carbon steel strip will be hardened and tempered in the EBNER HICON/H2Q facility starting in the summer of 2021.