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26-08-2019 | Jiang Yin Xing Cheng Alloy Material Co., Ltd.

China's Jiang Yin Xing Cheng Alloy Material Co., Ltd. places an order for the world's largest volume HICON/H2 bell annealer facility for wire.

During the pre-project phase, a number of different potential facility sizes were discussed. In the end, however, after taking into account coil data and the desired charge weight, a choice was made to install what will be the world’s largest HICON/H2 bell annealer facility, when measured in terms of volume.

With an effective workload space diameter of 4550 mm and a charging height of 5900 mm, 24 wire coils weighing 2 tons each can be charged at each workbase. The reference charge thus weighs 48 tons.

The scope of supply includes 2 gas-fired heating bells, 2 workbases, 1 air cooling bell, 2 inner covers, 2 valve stands, an electrical control center that includes a visualization system and supplementary equipment. A coil carrier tipper will be supplied along with the facility.

The facility will be capable of heat treating over 20,000 tons of steel wire per year, and is scheduled to be handed over to the customer following turn-key installation and commissioning in July, 2020.