EBNER | Employee interview | Daniel König

Get to know Daniel König …


Daniel König
Vice President Digitalization and Application

With EBNER Industrieofenbau since December, 2021.

I started in the company in December, 2021 and quickly became comfortable in my role as a digitalization expert and project manager. I rapidly began to take over more and more projects, and was rewarded with an increasing amount of responsibility. Since then, we have been able to celebrate a number of digital successes by working together with the IT Department, Digital Product Management and the engineering departments.


Describe your job in a single sentence:

Managing daily challenges and finding new ways to optimize processes by digitalizing outdated practices.

When you are on your way to work in the morning, what are you looking forward to?

I look forward to working together with my immediate colleagues and facing the exciting challenges that arise every day.

What was the most interesting experience you have had at EBNER?

Business trips to the USA and Canada, during which I could get to know colleagues based in Ohio (EBNER Furnaces), Vermont (Hazelett) and Québec (GNA). This will be very valuable when implementing future strategies and searching for new synergies.

Everyone needs inspiration and motivation to get through the daily grind. What keeps you going?

An inner drive to build a solid, future-oriented platform which my colleagues can use for their work, both now and for years to come. Also, constantly reviewing and improving processes.

What vision do you have for EBNER’s future? From your point of view, what are the greatest challenges the company will have to face over the next few years?

My vision of the future includes increased digitalization of business processes in the various specialty departments, both to support them better and to provide a foundation for future-oriented projects. The external effects that can be achieved through digital services should also be improved.

Challenges will appear in the form of the resources that are required and changes in our daily routines. However, over the middle and long term we should see these challenges lead to advantages and benefits for both the specialty departments and upper management.

Do you have any special hobbies or interests?

I am a volunteer paramedic for the Red Cross.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to apply for a job at EBNER?

If you are looking for a demanding job in which you can grow, develop your skills and in which you must master a challenge or two, EBNER is the place for you. The important thing is to bring an appropriate sense of purpose with you and, if I may use a colloquial phrase, stay on it. A master craftsman does not simply fall from the sky, and so I relish the constant challenge – it provides me with opportunities to improve and develop my own set of skills.