Product discontinuation

10% discount* on the latest generation of control plug couplings for EBNER bell annealers

Haven’t upgraded your electrical EBNER couplings?

We have the solution for you!

10% discount on the latest generation of control plug couplings for EBNER bell annealers

Photo: ODU GmbH & Co.KG
The plug inserts and housings for automatic bell annealer electrical couplings are unfortunately no longer available from the manufacturer. Here at EBNER, we would like to continue to offer the best service available and prevent long waiting times for spare parts – which is why we would like to assist you in upgrading to the latest generation of components. The new model of plug offers the same functionality as the previous one, and the only requirement is the installation of adapter rings on the brackets.

During installation, one heating bell and two workbases should be upgraded at the same time. If your facility is designed to have full workbase/bell compatibility, we recommend upgrading all heating bells and workbases simultaneously – this will ensure that all equipment is at the same technical standard.

Photo: ODU GmbH & Co.KG

To ensure that your facility continues to operate safely and reliably in the future, orders placed before February 29, 2024 receive the following advantages:


  • Special 10 % discount on all materials ordered before February 29, 2024.
  • Interruptions in production caused by the unavailability of replacement parts are prevented.
  • Rapid return to availability due to a guaranteed supply of spares for newly-installed control plugs.
  • Quality, from a single source: components, documentation, installation, commissioning and follow-up support for your EBNER facility are all provided by EBNER service technicians!


*by ordering before February 29