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AERO- & AUTOperfect.

Upgrades for temperature accuracy and proving the quality of heat treatment systems.

The aerospace industry defines the heat treatment of high quality materials for aircraft in the SAE Aerospace standard AMS 2750 (Aerospace Material Specification). Similar requirements are laid down by the AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) in CQI-9 (Continuous Quality Improvement) for heat treatment systems operated by suppliers to the automotive industry.

In addition to specifications for maintaining and operating furnaces, they focus on the
following issues:

  • Quality and usage of thermocouples
  • Design of instrumentation and instrument tests
  • System Accuracy Test (SAT) of temperature measuring circuits
  • Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) inside the furnace
  • Documentation and traceability of all tests and surveys

The EBNER AEROperfect and AUTOperfect upgrades enable the required standards to be met and documented in full.

You want to meet the requirements of the aerospace and automotive industries?

Analyzing your system

We provide you with a report on the equipment status of your furnace facility. We assess the instrumentation, control system, visualization and mechanical components.

Compiling an upgrade package

EBNER is a single-source provider: where necessary we adapt or upgrade your system, from mechanical components and instrumentation through to controls and visualization, including comprehensive documentation, installation and commissioning.

Supervising instrument test

We provide support during instrument tests and in compiling standard-compliant documentation.

Supervising SAT test

We determine the best SAT methods for each type of furnace. We provide support in performing and evaluating the test as well as compiling the SAT report.

Supervising TUS test

We provide support in developing a resource-efficient TUS process with integrated reporting.

Supplying survey equipment

EBNER provides specialist instruments as well as SAT and TUS thermocouples with calibration
certificates to minimize costs.

Providing first-hand advice on optimizing your heat treatment system

Why not use the prescribed tests to your own advantage as well? We ensure optimized heating system settings, pinpoint thermal bridges, early detection of defective equipment and a reduction in reject material and claims.

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