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Quality certification per AMS2750 and CQI-9.

The aerospace and automotive industry standards AMS2750 and CQI-9 demand regular testing of the temperature accuracy and temperature uniformity of heat treatment facilities. This takes the form of instrument tests (IT), system accuracy tests (SAT) and temperature uniformity surveys (TUS).

EBNER has the solution: SURVEYperfect — the EBNER software module for standardized, successful testing of your heat treatment facility.

Simple. Clear. Fast. Perfect.

That’s how a software module should work, and that’s how the EBNER SURVEYperfect module
delivers the required data.

Menu-based, simple testing procedures.

All documents, testing equipment, measuring points and test results are organized clearly in a single module. This is made possible thanks to the full integration into the VISUAL FURNACES process control system.

Fast testing with a mobile HMI. The module allows multiple tests to be carried out in parallel by splitting up the measuring points. Generate a standardized report with the push of a button! Facility availability is significantly increased.

A high degree of automation eliminates human error when entering data. The direct connection to the furnace control system allows the values and correction factors to be calculated and transmitted to the control system automatically.

One tool does it all.
In addition to optimizing and recording testing procedures, the module includes several other useful features. SURVEYperfect generates automatic reminders for upcoming test deadlines and when testing equipment calibration is due, as well as documenting the use of the control thermocouples as required by the standards.

Combined with an EBNER heat treatment facility, the SURVEYperfect module gives you the best conditions for a successful audit.

Fast testing with a mobile HMI.

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