final annealing and coating line (FCL)

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Heat treatment furnace facilities for the steel industry

HICON final annealing and coating line (FCL).

In the final production step of the heat treatment process for grain-oriented products, an inorganic insulating coating is applied to the material; the material is then dried and sintered in a catenary furnace. This is followed by thermal leveling (thermo-stretching) in a horizontal continuous furnace, which takes place in atmosphere to improve flatness without affecting the magnetic characteristics. The process steps for this phase of production are as follows:

  • Multi-stage strip cleaning to remove any MgO residues
  • Activation of the surface by pickling, which to optimally conditions the surface for the downstream coating step
  • Application of an inorganic insulating coating with a horizontal roller coater
  • Drying and sintering of the coating in a catenary furnace
  • Thermal leveling in a horizontal continuous furnace, in process atmosphere; the strip is processed at a specified tension to ensure optimal flatness
  • Controlled cooling in the slow cooling zone and final cooling zone
  • Optional: In-line laser scribing to modify the structure of the magnetic domains

Advantages of the EBNER facility design:

  • Controlled thermal leveling provides perfect control over the geometric properties of the final product
  • Homogeneous controlled cooling ensures ideal flatness and prevents interior stresses