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Whether it is the aluminum wrapping of the famous "Mozartkugel", the motor cover of the Audi A8 or parts of the Airbus A 380, the basic material for all of these products is heat-treated in an EBNER furnace facility at some point. EBNER Industrieofenbau is the world-leader in heat treatment.

With an export share of 98%, EBNER is one of the global players supplying comprehensive solutions to the metals industry in 60 countries worldwide, from the actual annealing equipment to the entire process automation.

Family-Owned Business and Multinational Corporation

Uncompromising commitment to quality and technological innovation has grown the Austrian family-owned business that was founded in 1948 into an international corporation. Today, the EBNER group has manufacturing locations in the USA and China as well as a subsidiary in India and service centers in Germany and Japan.


The driving force behind EBNER's global success is a dedicated team, consisting of people with a sense of responsibility, team spirit and forward-vision. Our employees are individuals who live, work and think like entrepreneurs and have an interest in ongoing personal and professional development.

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What EBNER offers:

  • interesting job assignments especially for passionate engineers and technicians
  • Please take a look at our current job openings and send us your resume
  • comprehensive professional training (Apprentice Academy)
  • Career and professional development supported by the educational concept of the EBNER Academy
  • attractive employee benefits package

Working place: Taicang —Neighbor of Shanghai

Taicang, located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province, the Yangtze River Delta, the south of the Yangtze River Estuary, neighboring with Chongming in the east, Kunshan in the west, Changshu in the north and Shanghai in the south, is a new port city on the intersection point of the Yangtze River economic belt and coastal development belt. Taicang, as the national main port city, has a good location advantages, convenient land transportation and advanced shipping industry. It is about 50 kilometers distant from the center of Shanghai and Suzhou, and takes only half an hour’s drive to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and one hour to Shanghai Pudong Airport. Taicang has become a part of Shanghai international shipping center, which is known as the "Back garden" of Shanghai.
At present, the world's top 500 investment in Taicang has reached more than 30 enterprises, the investment of German enterprise has reached more than 200, so Taicang is also known as the "Chinese hometown for German Enterprise".
In the future, Shanghai rail transit may lead to Taicang, and Taicang will be more closely linked with Shanghai. Taicang port will become the main port of Shanghai international shipping center, the Yangtze River hub port and Jiangsu's first foreign trade port.

Words to live by.

Robert Ebner, CEO

EBNER is a responsibility.

"We employ active people with the best possible training. We teach our employees to work intensively, flexibly and in a solution-oriented manner. That makes them the most conscientious, capable and best specialists of our industry. They form the backbone of EBNER's success"

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