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Success Stories and Careers

Development and improvement are an integral part of who we are. International job assignments open new perspectives all around the globe

Prok. Ing. Wolfgang Wöhrer

VP Production

"I started working for EBNER in 1981 as a fitter apprentice. I still remember the full-scale test facility that we installed back then. EBNER is an internationally active company, which inspired me to further educate myself. EBNER supported me in finishing vocational school and engineering school.

Being in charge of the workshop, I am now also responsible for our apprenticeship program. My own achievements show that "training for success at EBNER" is not just a slogan, but something that is implemented in every way possible on a daily basis. If you take a look at our different in-house departments, you will see former workshop apprentices everywhere, still working here after so many years, some of them in management positions. This applies to purchasing, sales, QC, engineering, commissioning etc."

Yvonne Besenmatter

Purchasing Specialist

"I started working for EBNER as an office apprentice in September 1991. During my first year, I worked for the standards department; then I changed to purchasing where I stayed during my second and third year of training. After passing my qualifying exam, I was offered a permanent position in the purchasing department.

Since I enjoyed the interesting and exciting work environment, I gladly accepted and attended an advanced purchasing course at the WIFI Institute which had been organized through the EBNER Academy. Due to the excellent cooperation we enjoy with our engineering departments, I have been able to develop a lot of technological know-how as well. To be able to keep up with the latest developments, I attend specific purchasing classes on a regular basis. These courses are offered by the EBNER Academy and include subjects such as negotiating, business, law, foreign languages, ..."

Manfred Oberauer

Head of Fitting Group

"I started working here in 1979 as an apprentice. Not only was I impressed with the variety of the program (trainees get to know all manufacturing departments), but also with the pleasant working environment and the amicable relationship between trainees and managers.

Assignments abroad - carrying out installation jobs and visiting subsidiaries - as well as EBNER's focus on further education and professional training - have influenced my professional and personal life immensely.

"Training for success" - these aren't just empty words. It's our corporate philosophy that we live by and implement on a daily basis.

Career paths

At EBNER, we offer professional development and career options for managers, engineers and project managers. The EBNER apprentice program will jumpstart young people's professional future.

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