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Dear Friends and business partners,

At EBNER Furnaces, we are taking Coronavirus prevention very seriously. 

The safety of our employees and visitors is paramount and EBNER Furnaces has implement a rigorous safety protocol as of March 16, 2020. 

The safety protocol is taking guidance from WHO and CDC recommendations and can be categorized into:

1)     social distancing, such as minimum 5ft distance between persons, restricted use of cafeteria and kitchen areas, reduced travel, reduced visitations, reduced and restricted face to face contact

2)     increased hygiene requirements by cleaning personnel and all individuals, such as frequent handwashing, making portable hand sanitizers available to every employee and visitors, additional stationary hand sanitizers, alcohol wipes, etc.

3)     employees and visitors are required sign affidavits that they have no symptoms, are not in close contact with anyone who shows symptoms and that they have not travelled in hot spot areas.

4)     all visitors and employees must agree to a daily, touchless temperature reading upon entering the facility. The cut-off temperature is 99’F.

5)     restricted entrance for delivery personnel, trucks and parcels

6)     deliveries are quarantined for 24hrs before handling and opening

These safety measures allow us to work safely in the company and only very few people are working from home. Interruptions have been kept to a minimum and generally have not caused significant delays or inefficiencies.

Our service personnel are available for on-site visits, as long as a safe working environment can be assured while they are in transit and also while at their destination. 

We are closely monitoring our supply chain and are now beginning to see a potential impact in certain areas. While we are diligently working to keep any delays to a minimum and that we continue to monitor the situation. We are informing our business partners on a case by case basis as soon as we learn of any supply chain disruptions.

We trust that you find this information helpful. Please contact us at covid19(at)ebnerfurnaces.com if you require additional information related this subject.

Thank you for your understanding should you encounter any difficulties in the next weeks or months and please be assured that we are doing everything to maintain a safe and efficient work environment.


Herbert Gabriel

Managing Director

EBNER Furnaces, Inc.

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