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World's first 100% hydrogen H&T line for automotive steel with H2 jet quench.

EBNER's reputation as the world's most competitive and innovative full solution provider has been underlined yet again with this worldwide innovation: a continuous annealing line with 100% hydrogen atmosphere and 100% hydrogen quench instead of a water quench. 20 times the throughput of a conventional hardening and tempering line with improved quality, increased flex­ibility and a larger range of strip sizes. The horizontal design has 20% the throughput of a CAL or CGL, higher throughputs can be achieved with our vertical design.

EBNER's HICON/H2® ultra hardening and tempering line with upgraded quench can process AHSS grades including DP, TRIP, martensitic, Q&P and other grades from 580-1700 MPa yield strength with incomparable flatness.

The details

With decades of experience in both hydrogen atmosphere processing and heat treating automo­tive grade material, EBNER is a global market leader and has earned a reputation for quality and safety in hydrogen processing.

The hydrogen quench is a revolution in precisely controlled cooling. Incredibly high cooling gra­dients in excess of 200 K/s.mm (see temperature curve), plus the ability to interrupt quench and then control the temperature at a technologically advantageous level give our customers very high throughputs as well as more options for further transformation of the material microstruc­ture.

Best material

  • >200 K/s.mm cooling gradient in quench.
  • Precise cooling across the entire strip profile, width and length.
  • Excellent flatness and cleaner strip surface.
  • Unique quench patterns meet UHSS/AHSS and next generation AHSS.
  • Up to 100% martensite.
  • Dual phases with varying volume fraction of ferrite and martensite.
  • TRIPs and complex phase, with varying volume fraction of martensite, bainite, retained austenite and ferrite.
  • 580 - 1700 MPa yield strength.

Latest reference

We are proud to announce the installation of an EBNER 100% hydrogen ultra hardening and tempering line at a customer's plant in Michigan by late 2016. HyCAL Corp. will be the first company in North America to offer hydrogen continuous annealing for steel on a toll processing basis.

The EBNER advantage includes our full-scale R&D lab and highly experienced innovations team, pictured on front, allowing the development and testing of innovative facilites such as this under production conditions.

Ultra H&T line

Hydrogen quench
EBNER Development Team
Temperature plot

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