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Heat treatment furnace facilities for the steel industry

HITT® high temperature bell annealer

HITT® bell annealers (high temperature and tight) are available with gas-fired or electric-heated systems for heat treating grain-oriented electrical strip and other materials and components requiring heat treatment at 850 °C -1200 °C.

The safety concept for processing in hydrogen has been adopted from HICON/H2® bell annealers. The charge is heated by thermal energy radiating from the heating bell and inner cover.

Cooling bells are used to cool the charge down to below the ignition threshold of the hydrogen atmosphere - possible thanks to the metallically-tight workload space.


  • grain-oriented electrical strip coils, single parts

Design features:

  • gas-fired or electric-heated for a material temperature of up to 1200 °C.

Types of process atmosphere:

  • up to 100 % hydrogen, as specified by customer's requirements




HITT® steel strip

High-terminal anneal hydrogen annealing
HITT® bell annealer for electrical strip

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