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Heat treatment furnace facilities for the steel industry

HICON® heat treatment facilities for hardening and tempering strip

EBNER's innovative and future-safe developments in continuous hardening and tempering technology are recognized worldwide and set new standards in maximizing product quality and cost effectiveness while minimizing environmental impact.

Continuous in-line hardening and tempering of unalloyed and low-alloy carbon steel as well as martensitic Cr steel strip using hydrogen quench systems or molten metal quench technology with cooling gradients of up to 600 K/s is a process that has won worldwide acceptance.

Non-alloy and low alloy carbon steel strips are transformed using the following technologies:

  • martempering - with leveling and tempering
  • austempering - to achieve bainite microstructure
  • patenting - to achieve pearlite microstructure

Stainless Cr steel strip is transformed into martensite using a martempering process

The martensite structure is formed in 2 steps with rapid cooling and hardening in the quench system followed by transformation to martensite in an air cooler, a process that has considerable advantages over quenching in oil, particularly with regard to strip flatness and surface finish.

Isothermal transformation such as austempering and patenting - and thus the combination of all 4 processes in a single line - is possible by changing the configuration of the facility components.

The extremely high performance hydrogen quench system (HICON/H2Q® technology) is also able to process wide and thick carbon steel strips.

The facility can be implemented to comply with the standards required by the automotive industry in accordance with CQI-9 (AIAG).

Strapping band

A heat treatment system featuring conductive heating as well as an energy-saving strip quench (lead-free also available) have been developed for this special steel austempering application.  

Hardening & tempering lines

Molten metal quench
Strip hardening and tempering
Vertical martensite cooling section
Two-stage cooling
Martensite cooling section
Hydrogen cooling technology
HICON/H2® jet cooling technology
Bright hardening and tempering line

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