high tensile strength steels

Double-decker roller-hearth furnaces

The double-decker roller-hearth furnace for hot forming 22MnB5 blanks combines all the advantages of twin-type roller-hearth furnaces with an unbeatable reduction in space requirements. This concept is characterized by high availability, precise tracking and high productivity. Even while maintenance work is being carried out on one furnace, the other furnace can normally remain in operation.

Technical data:

  • nominal width: 1900-2500 mm
  • heated length: 19-30 m (each furnace)
  • heating:

    • gas radiant tube heated
    • gas radiant tube-heated + electric heating elements (HYBRID)
    • electric radiant tube-heated + electric heating elements

  • max. throughput: 3.0 t/h (each furnace)
Hot forming
Two-tier blank charging
Furnace sections one above the other
Fully automatic blank charging
Highest energy efficiency
Blank manipulation between furnace and press

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