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Heat treatment furnace facilities for the copper base metals industry

HICON/H2® bell annealers for strip, wire and tube coils

In addition to cost-effectiveness, the performance capacity of a HICON/H2® bell annealer facility has clearly been proven through the high quality its heat treated products.

The results of this innovative annealing technology are a highly uniform microstructure with the desired mechanical properties and improved surface finish. It therefore achieves all the essential requirements for optimizing the subsequent production steps.

Together with the fact that this annealing technology also reduces pickling, which is harmful to the environment, the EBNER bright annealing process is more significant today than ever before as a cost-effective and ecological solution.


  • Copper alloys
  • brass
  • copper-iron
  • nickel silver
  • phosphor bronze
  • beryllium copper
  • Copper
  • ETP, electrolytic copper (with max. 5 % H2 in the process atmosphere)
  • OFC, oxygen-free copper
  • Precious metals such as gold, silver and alloys
  • Superconductors




Bell annealers

Bright annealing
Charge with carrier convector plate
Sticker-free coils
High capacity cooling bell
Controlled evaporation of lubricant
Natural gas fired heating bell

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