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Metal working, machining technology focus

Duration of training: 3.5 years


Metal workers are surrounded by metals and machinery. Jobs include transforming metals into components and semi-finished and finished products, designing and manufacturing machines and assembling automated production facilities and machines. Metal workers use hand-held tools and computer-controlled facilities to work a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and other materials, producing machines, machine components, structural steel components and furnace shells. They use skills such as forging, welding, soldering, bending, filing, glue and machining.

Important aspects of training:

  • understanding properties and applications of material and auxiliary materials
  • working materials both manually and using machines: turning, milling, cutting, bending, forging, welding
  • reading, using and creating technical documentation such as sketches, drawings, user manuals
  • manufacturing, assembling, adjusting and testing common industry workpieces and components
  • surface protection and heat treatment of materials
  • correct handling of electricity, hydraulics and pneumatic systems
  • working with company hardware and software
  • understanding properties and applications of composite materials such as hard alloys, fiber-reinforce materials and sintered metals
  • programming, transferring and adapting (CAD) designs in production programs for (CNC) machinery and production facilities
  • determining operating parameters and selecting tools
  • preparing, commissioning and repairing machining equipment

Training schedule

  • apprentice workshop in the first year
  • four month rotation through the manufacturing groups
  • EBNER apprentice academy events

Trade school

  • 10 week course
  • Steyr 1 trade school, 4400 Steyr, Otto-Pensel-Straße 14, Austria

Daniel Trauner

I've always been interested in 
working with metal. What I especially 
like about machining is that we 
sometimes work on very large 
pieces, but still have to work with 
extreme precision down to fractions 
of a millimeter, so that the 
components fit together. I also like 
the variety: sometimes I have to do 
all the settings manually at an old-
fashioned lathe, sometimes I work 
with the CNC machine.

Daniel Trauner
Metal working, machining
technology focus

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