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Apprentice Program

To the supervisors of the EBNER apprentice program, apprentices are more than just trainees.

It is the supervisor's responsibility and goal to help apprentices develop the skills they need for their professional career. The supervisors in the apprentice workshop and in the different departments make sure that all trainees learn how to make use of their theoretical knowledge while completing their daily work assignments.

  • A rotation schedule is prepared ahead of time, to make sure that each apprentice gets to know various departments, the apprentice workshop and different manufacturing groups.
  • Introducing the different departments
  • Preparing for the final exams
  • Additional in-house classes (English, Math, MS Office) to complement and apply their theoretical knowledge

The true mission of the EBNER apprentice supervisors, however, has always been to support young people on their journey to maturity and confidence, while placing great emphasis on mutual respect and kindness. The EBNER Apprentice Academy endeavors to boost their students' development by offering seminars and courses, while taking into consideration the differences in young people's lifestyles and personal circumstances:

  • Outdoor Team Trainings
  • Communication, style and proper etiquette, telephone manners
  • Talk about - preventing addiction
  • €ash & Job - Being responsible with money

Personal development

"I am proud to be someone young people trust when they have problems or personal questions. Apprenticeship is not only about professional education; it is about personal development and growth. With our Apprentice Academy, we tryto focus on the life circumstances surrounding our youngest team members. The methods we use to teach them values such as responsibility and team spirit are designed for people in their age group."

Christina Mühlböck

Assistant Human Resources
Office Apprentice Trainer

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