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Many success stories and impressive careers start with an apprenticeship at EBNER.

An apprenticeship by EBNER ensures a thorough education and supports apprentices' personal development through the EBNER apprentice academy. In addition to hands-on training in the apprentice workshop and departments, the apprentices are prepared for working in a team through outdoor adventure training. Tutoring is available to support them in their academic education. And a variety of seminars strengthens apprentices' self assurance.

EBNER offers the following types of apprenticeship:

Learn more about apprenticeships and the training program and how much you will earn as an apprentice and how you can apply for an apprenticeship at EBNER.




"To us, education and
apprenticeship mean much more
than just passing on knowledge it is a 
social responsibility and a true 

Mag. Robert Ebner
Chief Executive Officer

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