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Many success stories and impressive careers start with an apprenticeship at EBNER.

The apprenticeship program at EBNER not only ensures a thorough education, but also supports an apprentice's personal development. In parallel to their extensive professional training, the apprentices are prepared for working in a team through outdoor adventure seminars. The EBNER apprentice training program has been running since 1955. Since it began, over 1100 apprentices from across the globe have completed their training at EBNER.

Learn more about apprenticeships, the training program, starting salaries for apprentices and how to apply for an apprenticeship at EBNER.

EBNER offers the following types of apprenticeship:

How are EBNER apprentices selected?

At EBNER, each year of the apprenticeship begins in September. Apprentices are selected at the beginning of the year. To apply, please forward your application in good time and include the following documentation:

  • cover letter
  • resume/curriculum vitae
  • current photo
  • copies of school records / report cards for the past three years

Applications may be submitted online - just visit www.ebner.cc.

After we have reviewed your application, you will be invited to our apprentice casting. Casting examines language skills, estimation and calculation, organization, sense of shape and spatial awareness, concentration and observation, general knowledge and English. It takes about an hour, and takes the form of a written test.

The next stage is an invitation to an interview, which takes place at EBNER in the presence of your parent or guardian.

The final step on the path to an apprenticeship is a vocational day at EBNER. On the vocational day, our teaching staff provides you with a comprehensive overview of the tasks and responsibilities that you will encounter during your apprenticeship.
During each step of the selection process, you are kept up-to-date by email. You should also feel free to call us to be updated on the current status of your application.


"To us, education and apprenticeship mean much more than just passing on knowledge it is a social responsibility and a true commitment." 

Mag. Robert Ebner
Chief Executive Officer

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