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AUTOMATISIERUNG – "All systems go" for Industry 4.0

Continuously increasing requirements in the quality of products and production equipment, as well as the need to make production sequences as efficient as possible, mean that new functions and the latest technologies must be continually implemented.

For this reason a great emphasis is currently being placed on process automation, supervision and quality assurance, plus the coordination of material flow with upstream and downstream production processes.

Together with our customers, EBNER has developed intelligent, compact systems that are effective, easily expandable and built from components that already have a proven track record for their performance and reliability.


Engineering, manufacturing and quality control

From day one, EBNER has equipped its heat treatment facilities with high-quality control systems produced in-house. That is why we have considerable experience in power engineering, electronics, data processing and process control systems.

The EBNER-developed automation range includes complete power distribution systems and control centers plus process control systems, visualization systems, software, mathematical models and documentation.

VISUAL FURNACES®; THE Process Control System

VISUAL FURNACES® has been developed by EBNER based on Microsoft.NET Framework, and is implemented using C#.

In addition to standardized visualization systems, VISUAL FURNACES® also delivers powerful optimization tools for the widest range of applications.

STACKperfect - automatic charge stack optimization system

  • Ensuring technological anneal requirements are fulfilled
  • Effective deployment of resources

Learn more about STACKperfect

Learn more about <span style="color:#0884c9;">STACK</span><span style="font-size: 10pt;">perfect</span>

At bell annealer facilities, stacks are formed according to the technological requirements of each coil - taking into account the best possible temperature uniformity and the highest furnace efficiency.

Automatic stack formation at a HICON/H2® bell annealer

TREATperfect - mathematical model

  • Optimization of process times
  • Reduction of energy consumption and emissions
  • Automatic correction of adverse factors

Learn more about TREATperfect

Learn more about <span style="color:#0884c9;">TREAT</span><span style="font-size: 10pt;">perfect</span>

TREATperfect automatically calculates heating and cooling times using the material data before heat treatment starts, and then checks the variables in online mode; the objective is to compensate for any delays or malfunctions.

Efficient heat treatment for HICON/H2® product range

OPERATEperfect - focusing on OOE reference data

  • Detection of bottlenecks in the process sequence
  • Utilization of reserve capacity

Learn more about OPERATEperfect

Learn more about <span style="color:#0884c9;">OPERATE</span><span style="font-size: 10pt;">perfect</span>

On the basis of the standardized OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) reference data system, downtimes are systematically recorded, assessed and used for calculating efficiency

Efficiency as key indicator for industrial furnace facilities

WEBperfect - worldwide access to production data

  • Access to current production data
  • Archive data analysis

INFOperfect - continuously informed via SMS/text or email

  • Selected facility information such as important alarm messages or process events

PROCESSperfect – statistical process control

  • Early detection of negative influences on the process sequence
  • Stable processes for consistent product quality
  • Key product-related indicators are recorded, making them available for further evaluation

Learn more about PROCESSperfect - SPC Tool

Learn more about <span style="color:#0884c9;">PROCESS</span><span style="font-size: 10pt;">perfect</span> - SPC Tool

With this module, it is possible ascertain the probability of specific process variables targeting their tolerance range. This allows preventive action to be taken where needed. Maintenance work and spares acquisition can be planned in advance, reducing long downtimes and lost revenue.

SPC tool for HICON/H2® facilities

Learn more about PROCESSperfect - Optimization

Learn more about <span style="color:#0884c9;">PROCESS</span><span style="font-size: 10pt;">perfect</span> - Optimization

Comprehensive set of statistical values for process optimization

In addition to classic statistical values such as mean, standard deviation, min/max and other measures, this module provides you with the process capability index.

MAINTAINperfect – integrated maintenance administration

  • This maintenance module facilitates administration and scheduling of the maintenance work specified in the user manual. Customer-specific service work can also be added.

Learn more about MAINTAINperfect

Learn more about <span style="color:#0884c9;">MAINTAIN</span><span style="font-size: 10pt;">perfect</span>

This maintenance module facilitates administration and scheduling of the work associated with the maintenance intervals specified in the user manual (both cyclical and production hours dependent jobs).

Maintenance costs at a glance.


  • Using statistical assessments of, for example, malfunction frequency across the entire facility or at individual components, preventative maintenance work can be scheduled or spare parts acquired.


Learn more about <span style="color:#0884c9;">STATISTICAL EVALUATION</span>

Detection of trends in malfunctions
Production capacities in comparison

MOBILE control unit

  • This unit simplifies maintenance and servicing, and allows process supervision at the facility. It also serves as the programming unit for the PLC.

Learn more about MOBILE control unit

Learn more about <span style="color:#0884c9;">MOBILE control unit</span>

Mobile facility operation with VISUAL FURNACES®

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