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Heat treatment furnace facilities for the aluminum industry

HICON® pusher-type furnaces for ingots

EBNER HICON® pusher-type furnaces are the most modern available for reheating and homogenizing aluminum ingots for hot rolling. In contrast to conventional furnaces (such as soaking pits) the HICON® pusher-type furnace is a semi-continuous operating facility. Using high convection HICON® technology with powerful, function-specific furnace wind recirculation fans and a finely-tuned baffle system to create optimum flow conditions transfers thermal energy at the highest rate to the charge.

HICON® pusher-type furnaces feature the following characteristics:

  • short heating-up times
  • fully automatic operation of the facility
  • low energy consumption
  • straightforward operation and process control
  • temperature uniformity throughout whole charge of < 6 K
  • long service life of key components
  • no damage to ingot rolling surfaces
  • low maintenance

The facility can be implemented to comply with the standards required by the automotive and aerospace industry. These standards are primarily AMS 2750E (SAE Aerospace) in the aircraft industry and CQI-9 (AIAG) for the automotive industry.  

pusher-type furnaces

Ingot charging
Charging roller table
Pusher mechanism
Pusher mechanism
Ingot shoe handling
Ingot shoe return system
Entry end handling system
Furnace entry end

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