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Heat treatment furnace facilities for the aluminum industry

HICON® batch-type furnaces for extrusion billets

Both heating and the subsequent homogenizing of billets takes place in a single furnace facility. The direction in which the heat-conductive furnace atmosphere (air or exhaust gases) circulates can be reversed; this reversal is effected by changing the direction of rotation of the high-performance axial-flow fans. This ensures the greatest possible uniformity of temperature and temperature change throughout all billets in a charge during heating.

The necessary cooling of the charge following homogenization takes place after the charge has been transported into a separate cooler.

Multiple batch-type furnaces can be connected to a single cooling chamber. Depending on requirements, either pure air or an air-water vapor mixture can be used for rapid cooling of the charge.

The furnace can be provided with either a direct gas-fired combustion system or an electrical resistance heating system. Optimized for this application, a high heating rate - while maintaining the required low temperature scatter - and a correspondingly high throughput are the hallmarks of this HICON/H2® batch-type furnace.

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